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Joanna Drot Troha

Joanna Drot Troha studied Classics at Kings College London and has since worked for a number of off-beat and underground fanzines such as The Idler and Cheap Date. She has recently contributed to upcoming style bible FanPages and writes feminist essays for The Coven. She is currently writing a (hopefully) eagerly awaited novel about a truffle hunting dog but, unlike Elena Ferrante, she's not cool enough to remain anonymous about it.

The Eurotrash Guide To Brexit

This is the Eurotrash guide to Brexit and the sleazy sentiments behind leaving our big messy European family.

13 giugno 2016 -

JG Ballard’s High-Rise On Screen

JG Ballard’s dystopian classic High-Rise is on screen. This article explores the Brutalist architecture that inspired it.

09 maggio 2016 -

Wild Prey

Wild prey is a short story by Joanna Drot Troha.

21 aprile 2016 -