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Saskia Menges

Born in 1990 in north Germany. During her studies she stepped into journalism. As a freelancer for newspapers and radio journalist she satisfied her curiosity and passion for music, films and art. She mostly writes about music news from central Europe meanwhile she does her master degree in cultural studies close to Hamburg, Germany.

A short story about Younghusband new album

A short story about a beautiful girl inspired by latest Younghusband album "Dissolver", a great piece of modern psychedelic rock which let you dream.

02 febbraio 2016 -

How is it going, Django Django?

An interview with Jimmy Dixon, bass player from british Django Django, we talked about the new album "Born Under Saturn" and how band's life changed.

29 dicembre 2015 -

Come va, Django Django?

Ad Amsterdam abbiamo incontrato Jimmy Dixon dei Django Django, abbiamo parlato del nuovo album "Born Under Saturn" e di come è cambiata la vita della band.

29 dicembre 2015 -

Sonny & The Sunsets: inspiegabili, adorabili e irritanti

Al city club di Augusta abbiamo incontrato Sonny dei Sonny and The Sunsets e parlato della sua musica e delle sue ispirazioni dai film ai fumetti

27 ottobre 2015 -

Uncanny, lovely and irritating: Sonny & the Sunsets

I follow the twentysomething bar guy from the city club café upstairs to the rooms of the City Club in Augsburg, Bavaria. It is late afternoon. I often have been […]

20 ottobre 2015 -