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DAY FIVE – Saturday, March 19th


Crosstown Rebels Present Get Lost Miami @ TBA (venue not yet announced) is the definitive after-hours event during Miami Music Week. In fact, if you could only choose ONE party to attend, it should probably be this one. Tickets are steep (nearly $100) but well worth your hard earned cash considering its 24 + hours of continuous, mind-blowing dance music from the “cream of the crop” in underground house and techno, replete with live performances, unexpected surprises and debauchery galore.


Damian Lazarus, the mastermind behind the Get Lost concept and Crosstown Rebels label, has been throwing this party for well over a decade now and in their 11th session, it’s core mission remains the same: to “create an environment in which artists can shine” and party-goers can literally lose themselves in the process. As per usual, this year’s lineup is absolutely ridiculous and too many to list but you can purchase tickets and get full details here via Resident Advisor.




DAY SIX – Sunday, March 20th


Soul Clap’s House of Efunk @ The Electric Pickle is the perfect way to go for that last hurrah. In years past, Last Resort has been the closing event of choice for most of us but I suspect 2016 will be a little different. This is Soul Clap’s first ever Miami edition and the party is being held at our beloved Pickle. Simply put, those guys are fun! Their sound is heavily influenced by soul, funk and disco, which by design, are groovy feel-good genres. And if you’ve ever caught one of their sets or live performances, then you know with certainty that letting loose and jamming out is part of the equation. Imagine all of the above on a beautiful afternoon — cold beer in hand, laid-back BBQ vibes and nothing but love for yet another successful Miami Music Week. Headlining the event is Tony Humphries, The Black Madonna, Overdubs LIVE, Till Von Sein and of course, Soul Clap themselves, playing extended back-to-back sets.



I think it’s going to be a good one, great even. In recent years, the energy and enthusiasm has seemingly dwindled a bit but I get the feeling that MMW ’16 will be a certain kind of special, just as the Gods intended. And for those of you that wonder, my ability to suggest events with such clarity and conviction stems from personal experience. I grew up in Miami, catching the tail end of the rave scene in my teenage years and as an adult, have been attending WMC/MMW parties for nearly a decade now. I have a marked passion for electronic music and I avoid all things mainstream like the plague. Trust me, I have your best interest at heart. Be safe, enjoy and happy dancing!