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Allie Vandersanden

Born in 1992 in Ontario, Canada. Studied English Literature at Trent University, a small liberal arts university, during which time she explored her passion for literature and writing. Since graduation, she has been travelling, working as a freelance editor and enjoying life in the meantime. Currently based in Florence, Italy. Loves to dance.

The issue with Orgasmic Meditation

Orgasmic meditation is a practice that aims to link women's consciousness and orgasm. Is such a one-sided practice sexist?

02 maggio 2016 -

Upstairs Girl

The view from downstairs is a short story by Allie Vandersanden.

24 marzo 2016 -

A kaleidoscope of sounds: Paupière

All the way from Canada, ilCartello presents synth/electro-pop trio Paupière, to start their european tour on Sunday 13th March at Combo Club in Florence.

09 marzo 2016 -

10 Things to Keep in Mind When Dating with a Language Barrier

Here is what you can expect when dating with a Language barrier.

15 febbraio 2016 -