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Il Cartello è una rivista culturale che propone approfondimenti in lingua inglese di tematiche come l’arte, la musica ed il cinema.

The Eurotrash Guide To Brexit

This is the Eurotrash guide to Brexit and the sleazy sentiments behind leaving our big messy European family.

13 giugno 2016 -

JG Ballard’s High-Rise On Screen

JG Ballard’s dystopian classic High-Rise is on screen. This article explores the Brutalist architecture that inspired it.

09 maggio 2016 -

The issue with Orgasmic Meditation

Orgasmic meditation is a practice that aims to link women's consciousness and orgasm. Is such a one-sided practice sexist?

02 maggio 2016 -

Wild Prey

Wild prey is a short story by Joanna Drot Troha.

21 aprile 2016 -

Tesla: la revolución que se hizo esperar un siglo

Tesla motors, la compañía de Elon Musk, acaba de lanzar su berlina familiar para la clase media un coche eléctrico revolucionario que va tener un impacto profundo el la sociedad.

11 aprile 2016 -

Upstairs Girl

The view from downstairs is a short story by Allie Vandersanden.

24 marzo 2016 -

Connecting Cultures Through Community Spaces: Fadi Daoud Private Studio

Fadi Daoud Private Studio it’s a studio in Florence for artists that you can do anything in. It’s a space for everybody, open for all ideas.

21 marzo 2016 -

A kaleidoscope of sounds: Paupière

All the way from Canada, ilCartello presents synth/electro-pop trio Paupière, to start their european tour on Sunday 13th March at Combo Club in Florence.

09 marzo 2016 -

Miami Music Week 2016: il Cartello’s Top 6

A daily guide to Miami Music Week for electronica lovers, dance enthusiasts and the curious.

08 marzo 2016 -

Ushuaia: Is It Really the End of the World?

We travelled to Ushuaia, the southern extremity of Argentina and the World.

07 marzo 2016 -