All the contradictions of the Korean society through the faces of its people. Seoul Cool!

Gergely Szatmári is a Hungarian photographer. In early works he was engaged with commercial and fashion. From 2006 his activity turned towards his own themes. Interested in presenting and criticizing the values of civilized society. Published album Conventional in 2008, followed Meadowlands 2011, American Idler 2012. His photographic attitude and scenes are diverse and complex regarding its implementation. Exhibited his photographs all over Europe and in USA. He is the only Hungarian photographer to be featured with his work in the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection. (source:


Often provocative and humorous, Gergely Szatmári’s newest series explores the dazzling scenery of “new Seoul”. His vibrant photographs show us this monumental and rapidly changing city, where the beautiful but somewhat bizarre existence of people on Earth becomes undeniably apparent. Szatmári catches an ambiguous aura of immediacy and intimacy in a metropolitan city of extensive – and sometimes burdensome – progress, where people act, react, connect and change quickly. His charters are curious and proud, cool, open and kind, but also relaxed and casual at the same time, while showing their real personalities.


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