Has there been a better time then this? A short story about Younghusband new album.

 Imagine a Girl. A heartbreakingly beautiful girl. She enjoys all the privileges that there are…. enjoying nice dinners, living in a sweet flat with charming roomies, studying humanities. She has got a sweet boyfriend too and sometimes she travels to beautiful places somewhere on the european continent. When reading a lovely novel, she pulls out her big round glasses, a pair of those, which are in fashion now. If sunlight dazzeled her, she pulled out her fine shades (which she got from her last trip to Italy). She likes fashion and shopping but more often you would find her in parks and forests, striking around alone or with a friend. The world is at her fingertips … It is safe yet spooky she lies awake every morning.



Than, out of the blue, she got this idea about spending some time alone in a city, a metropolis where she never has been before. She finds herself three weeks alone between Orient and Occident, between the one world she knows and another – with different tastes, different looks, different loves. So disturbingly different, so unimaginably beautiful it is: Istanbul.  There is something about this girl beyond beauty, a hunch: when you look at her, you feel that something will happen to her…when she glances at someone with her big blue eyes, which smile as kindle as her lips,  everyone just wants to wrap her into clouds, hold her, be close to her (but she isn’t aware of this – naïve Babe). She is good, amazing to talk to. Smart, witty, humble, with a heart for psychedelic rock music (which no one expects). So why is she here, so alone, wandering through the bazars, sitting in cafés and drinking tea … all on her own, like a misguided light? 



And then suddenly you discern: She tries to dissolve something … Dissolve pictures, dissolve her family, her friends, the futures, the uni, the work, the crying, the pain, the terror, the anxiety, him, you. You want to mumble this finding in her ears, but you know there is no way to persuade her; but maybe music could twist her mind…


Younghusband’s newest merit of psychedelic rock music framed in an album called “Dissolver” might work well. The ten songs of the London-based-quattro, produced by Robert Hampson, might wise up this babe with its unique feel for the substantial sonics, waves and sounds. With its reserved, clear arrangement of the instruments, with a solo by Warren Ellis appealing ones mind – this album has the virtue of making you imagine, dream about a parabola like just told above. There is an individual parabola for everyone listening. Dive into it

No other recent album is much more worth it, you will have better times with it.